Wednesday Waters

Night on the Lake.JPG

Night on the Lake – 2016

Sometimes catching city lights at the cusp of night make for a great end to a great day.

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Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier April 2015

Sometimes, certain points of view
Hinder what is truth; unless
Others know what questions to ask,
Where to look

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Monday Moment

At the Turn.JPG

At the Turn – 2016

Smoothness and perfection are
Cosmetically overrated
Among the many differences
Reveal similarities beneath the surface


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Sunday Snapshot

california train ride 2015

Morning Frame on the Train 2015

Rails offer the off-road view
Undiscovered by the routines or few
Scenic escapes, sweet perspectives
Hidden gems

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Saturday Snapshot

The Falls in Fall

The Falls in Fall by Tommia Wright

Miniature worlds
Interwoven here
Splash powerful words
That no one can’t feel.

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Friday Fast One

Sunrise 10.12.15

Sunrise 10.12.15

Jostling priorities shouldn’t
Override simple things like
Yesterday’s sunset and today’s

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Thursday Thankfulness

San Francisco Waves

San Francisco Waves 2013

Momentum needed
Observations made
Veer a bit to the side
Everything in time.

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