Saturday Snapshot


Royal Time

Royal Time – 2017

Dare dream to reach dangerous goals
Outside the seemingly acceptable norms?
Undertaking some records set
Books don’t come out of thin air, at
Least not yet!
Every word down means the
Final count goes up
Uncensored, unchanged until
November’s NaNoWriMo ends


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Thursday Thoughts



On the Ave – October 2017


Avenues walked, passersby
Unaware of the scenes of
Typical items all around
Unveiled with glee as
Makers of Art
Nurture creative beauty


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Wednesday Windows

Window within Window

What do you see looking
Inside out
Never real, yet never
Our Imagination’s
Wildest dreams
Sometimes woven in the seams.

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Friday Fast One


Camouflage Net Project by Tara Tamaribuchi.jpg

Camouflage Net Project by Tara Tamaribuchi


Over, under, through, around

Near, far, old, new, pain and joy

Everyone, one way or another, is lost and found

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the…

Source: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the…

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Another Splendid Sunday


Base2Space 2017

Base2Space 2017

Another gorgeous day to climb the 832 stairs of the Space Needle! More than 2,000 people took on the challenge to help fund the finding of a cure – one step at a time.

Met some amazing people there: a wonderful woman celebrating her one-year anniversary of being cancer free, a family of four who decided to go up the stairs twice today, and good friends seeking adventure to name a few!

It isn’t every day that you can take in a view of the city from this perspective:


Inside the Needle 2017.jpg

Inside the Needle 2017




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Friday Fast One

6.2.17 Stroll.jpg

6.2.17 Stroll 

While wandering through your ‘day-to-day’
Observe the ordinary beauty along the way
Never know when a gem might go unseen
Discovered now by you, life to a dream
Every present moment is just that
Remember the now before it is past.

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