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Andres Amador is a genius with the rake and hoe.  No, he’s not a gardener.  He’s a gifted artist who uses the earth as his canvas.  I would love to spend a day with him, take a class, or be there just as he’s finishing a new work.  I hope you enjoy the video.  He’s such a calm, gentle soul that you can’t help but be drawn into the sacred spaces he creates.  After watching the video, jump on over to his blog to see more enchanting images and watch the Gratitude video.

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Wednesday Wonder

Breaking Rays

Morning from the 5th Floor

However dark the days begin
Off in the distance, Light breaks in
Proving all is not lost and
Everything has a reason

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Tuesday Tide

Tuesday Tide.JPG

Along the Beach on a Summer’s Day

Tiny at times
Impressive at others
Drumming along
Every day
Simply shaping in new ways

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Monday Mountains

Mt. Rainier - July 2016

Mount Rainier from Hartstene Island 

Image immortalized
Reining from afar
Strong as ever
The touchpoint of grounded stars

Impressive might
Glorious even in the gray
True delight

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Sunday Steps

Steps along Hartstene Island Beach

Stairs off a Beach on Hartstene Island

Relaxed by the water that go on for
Eternity where rules have no meaning beyond
The grains of sand, the shells and driftwood about
Rocks rounded
Each moment the waves wash
Away the rough edges
Time to inhale the tide, sans time.

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Friday Fast One

Up in the Air.JPG

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Until I know which way is sound
Problems multiply all around

I can either go with focus or frazzle
No need to get lost in the razzle-dazzle

Time will go on just the same
Heart true to goals, ignore the game
Everything about is still wild, still tame

Any choices I have are mine to make
Imagination’s the shield, insanity to shake
Reason, Risk and Resolve is the trio to take.

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Capital Indie Book Con is Today!


Great FREE opportunity if you are in the area! Find fun folks from FreeValley Publishing there, too!

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