Friday Fast One

On the River by Tommia Wright

Following the




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Thursday Thankfulness



Hurdles can hinder or
Enable growth.
Learning happens when
People guide you toward new paths.

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Wednesday Waters


Snoqualmie Falls June 2017 by Tommia Wright

Marvelous wonder,
Incredible sight!
Treat and heart’s delight!

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Spock Beside Spock at the MoPop send-off party for the Star Trek Exhibit – by Tommia Wright

Lost discoveries made,
Lingering in the bright
And the shade,
Personalities emerge.

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Make Mine Music Monday


Morris Hayes and World Symphony for Peace, at Resonance at Soma Towers – By Tommia Wright

“Each day we all play a part in an improvised world symphony of human interaction…
Every moment we have the power to select the next note…
To set the tone…
To choose the chord…
To build a bridge…
Which note do you choose?
I choose harmony.”
~ Morris Hayes

His quest is to connect people around the world through music.

How do you connect with music?




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Sunday Snapshot


In the Park – by Tommia Wright

Bluest blues
Laziest of days
Observe the
Mornings to be had.

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Saturday Snapshot


On the Waterfront May 2018 by Tommia Wright

Fountains, Ferris Wheels
Unscheduled mischief
Natural discoveries

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