Save the Date!


Writers from FreeValley Publishing are taking to the stage again! Free program to enjoy on Saturday, November 12th at 4pm at the Black Dog Arts Cafe.

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Saturday Snapshot


On the Trail – August 2016

“To hell with circumstances: I create opportunities.” ~ Bruce Lee

A friend and I had a chance to go to the Wing Luke Museum to see the second year of the Bruce Lee Exhibit: Breaking Barriers before it closed. Looking forward to the opening of Year Three (the final piece).

It was amazing to discover just how many barriers Bruce broke, especially during his time in Seattle. Inter-racial marriage, teaching kung fu to women, gathering students from other forms of fighting and creating a sense of unity, to name a few.

And here we are, still breaking barriers. What breakthroughs have you been a part of or are prepared to start?

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Friday Fast One



I lost logic somewhere along the year. As for goals that really matter to me, too many are not quite so near. And then you hear the one odd mark – ‘It’s Thursday; why are we having fun?’ (The better question is ‘Why not?!’) Follow this with a stare at the stacks and ask ‘Will I really get anything done?’

On a jolly note (happiness is paydays), the goal has been reached for me to climb the Space Needle. Add to that a perfectly timed quote shared:

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

So now to stumble back on track, time to gain that confidence back!

What bounce-backs have you gone through so far this year?

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Wednesday Words

Sometimes, messages shared from some commercials can be powerful – like this one here:

There are a couple of other good ads here and here. Have you discovered any ads that go beyond the product, that offer a positive message?

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Monday Mountain

Plane Mountain.JPG

Boeing Fly-Over 2016

Nearer to the stars
Enveloped in hope
Wrapped in more than it seems

How far will you go to
Enjoy the view
Imagine the limitless possibilities
Great dreamers
Have and nurture over
Time, until, like the
Stars, it’s their moment to shine

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Sunday Steps


Inside the Needle 2015

The countdown begins until the ascent again. An enjoyable moment was attending the Art & Science Art Walk in the Mundie Courtyard of the Fred Hutch Campus. A delightful discovery was that the thirty pieces of art from fifteen labs was only a small fraction of the resources available at Fred Hutch, and that the doctors are passionate about finding a cure.

If you are in the Seattle area, go to the Visitor Center and learn something new today.

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Saturday Snapshot

Sunset in the Park

Mount Si from Tollgate Park

Simplicity in the plainest of things
Uncovering things taken for granted
New revelations nearby
Stop, look and listen
Everything adds a note to
Todays, tomorrows, and yesterdays gone by.

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