Mr. Rogers. Not much more needs to be said for the start of this month’s (targeted) theme.

Another point to ponder, from SnoValley Writes!: “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow…”~ Lawrence Clark Powell

What is in the garden of your mind? What readings are you enjoying that are contributing to your growth?

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4 Responses to Gardens

  1. winneyb says:

    T, you are so cool. I love it.

  2. Mari Collier says:

    In answer to your question about what I am reading for my growth is a simple one. The Bible. I’m also reading 2313, but that is not for growth. That is to see why it is a popular SciFi novel. So far, I haven’t found the story in there. Lots of descriptions of created landscapes, but any story is well hidden by the shrubbery.

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