It’s in the little things that great things can happen.

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8 Responses to Freedom

  1. Laura Eno says:

    Vitally important and the difference between living and merely existing. So many of us forget to make the most of our freedom, I think. I know I’m guilty of that, forgetting to be bold.

    Laura Eno – A Shift in Dimensions

  2. Leese says:

    So true. As I’ve been pondering the Five Minute Friday thing from Lisa-Jo and the word ‘brave’ I’ve thought a bit about boldness and another image I like – a house painted with “speak the truth even if your voice shakes” I think it parallels pretty well with your great Frost quote above!

    • tommiaw says:

      Spunky Wayfarer did a great job with that, I thought. That and one can never go wrong with Frost (smile). Love the quote/photo you shared, too!

  3. This is lovely ~ love the Frost quote!

  4. You are so good with your words and this is a great subject to be reminded that we have that freedom. Thank You!

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