Too Much Tuesday

Space Needle 2008 by Tommia Wright

Space Needle 2008 by Tommia Wright

Well, officially took the plunge. You know how some people have their ‘Before I’m __ list” or “Bucket List” of things they want to complete before ‘someday’ becomes ‘no way?’ (Lesley Carter is a GREAT inspiration for adventurous things while Becky Due, Misifusa offer reminders of never taking anything, including the small things for granted).

I’ve pledged to take the Base2Space Challenge in October! Why? Why not do something to support cancer research, to help find a cure? Why not dare to reach new heights and have it be meaningful? Am I ready for 832 steps?  Not yet, but I’m not resting at zero.

What bold undertakings are you aiming for this autumn?

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2 Responses to Too Much Tuesday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I hope you are in training for that. My goal is more modest. Finish my lates novel and write another short story or two.

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