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Tick-Tock Tuesday

Never forget yesterday Or Weeks from today. Infinity is only one Second away. To choose wisely is how Habits are formed. Eternity is not to be squandered. ‘Tick-tock’ goes the seconds Into Minutes Everyday Advertisements

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Monday, Monday…

New day, new view, new Everything. Winter’s peaking Yonder; sun, its warm glow. Early wonders Astounding, Revealing new day, new view, new everything.

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Saturday Snapshot

  Dare dream to reach dangerous goals Outside the seemingly acceptable norms? Undertaking some records set Books don’t come out of thin air, at Least not yet! Every word down means the Final count goes up Uncensored, unchanged until November’s … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

    Avenues walked, passersby Unaware of the scenes of Typical items all around Unveiled with glee as Makers of Art Nurture creative beauty  

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Wednesday Windows

What do you see looking Inside out Never real, yet never Doubt Our Imagination’s Wildest dreams Sometimes woven in the seams.

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Friday Fast One

    Over, under, through, around Near, far, old, new, pain and joy Everyone, one way or another, is lost and found

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the…

Source: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the…

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