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Of Waterways and Lost Worlds – July 2016

Continuing snippet inspired by Casz’s Moment of Writing Zen.

Story began here, otherwise a continuation of this.

“…Birds and the Sky “ ~ Jed Nolo Gala


She stopped and pretended to read a digi-note on the platform, catching sight of him from the corner of her eye. Like most notes, this lacked any greenery – leaves, trees, gardens. Aside from the birds that could be seen (more often than not, crashing into the windows throughout the city), she tried to recall when she last saw anything ‘natural.’


“Going to the Gala,” she asked him when he finally approached her. There was no sign of the art that caught her attention earlier – strictly ‘standard look’ now.


He shrugged. “Expected to,” he said as he pointed at the words Jed Nolo. “Want to risk a demerit avoiding it?”


She flushed. It was tempting, daring and-. “Probably not.” She knew she had to complete her studies on time if she expected to keep her sanity.


“Too bad. Guess I’ll see you at the port then.”


They said nothing more once they boarded the transit.

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Backyard Birdhouse

Layers and labyrinths
Obstacles obvious and obtuse
Virtues, valleys, voices, too
Every seed sows something

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Monday Moment


Meandering – February 2016

Wooded areas with paths
Altered by nature
Lead the unknown into the

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Sunday Snapshot


Beautiful Scene – February 2016

Whether stormy, cloudy, clear
Amazing designs, discoveries appear
Varied in line, strength and shade
Every day – the Lord has made

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Saturday Snapshot

Beyond the Trail - February 2016.JPG

Beyond the Trail – February 2016

Everything’s in focus

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Get Your Sasquatch On!

Friday Fast One!

FreeValley Publishing

Come and Meet Our New FVP Featured Author, Casondra Brewster, and Celebrate her New Release YA Fantasy, WILDERNESS RIM – Echo Falls! This Saturday at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ at 8062 Railroad Ave SE, Snoqualmie, WA. This will be a fun event with treats and music…FREE to attend. Sasquatch/NW themed attire encouraged. Come on down!


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Thursday Thankfulness


Stepping Up – July 2016

Sometimes, one’s dreams for
Today are just elusive
Enough to slip to tomorrow.
Persist, persevere anyway!

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