Double Time

Double Time by Tommia Wright

Teeny tiny
Indiscernible seconds
Count the
Kicks of the day.

Tomorrow is today
Obscured by the
Continuing minutes and hours
‘Ketchup’ on another day.

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Make Mine Music Monday


Jaws in Concert: The Seattle Symphony Orchestra at Benaroya Hall – by Tommia Wright


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Sunday Sunshine

Sunset in NYC.

Sunset in NYC – by Tommia Wright

(photo from the archives)

Rays of beauty paint the sky
Outlining the concrete forest
Sending day into

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Saturday Snapshot


Fountain on the Waterfront – by TommiaWright

Rhythmic falling,
Eloquent sprays
Sprinkling droplets of dreams
Tapping passersby.

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Friday Fast One


Waiting Cat by Tommia Wright

There are times I declare my cat is trying to trip or kill me…I don’t know which one (cat or motive)!

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Thankful Thursday

Tolkien in the MoPop Science Fiction Hall of Fame – by Tommia Wright

Thankful for all of the literary escapes extraordinary imaginaries create!

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Wednesday Waters

On the Water, in the Sound

On the Water, in the Sound – by Tommia Wright

Sometimes, the simplest winds
Alter one’s perspective, eliminating
Inhibiting doubts,
Liberating dreams to the broad horizon.

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