Sunday Scene

Between the Storms.JPG

Between the Stormy Skies – May 2017

Create, if you can
Lively items
Out of
Unbound materials
Dissolving, evolving
Slowly beyond your reach.

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Friday Focus


Evening SKy – April 23, 2017 

Let not the clouds overcast your day
Imagination, ingenuity can lead the way
Great things can
Happen when you
Take hold of the spark!

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Wednesday Walks

Middle Fork Stroll 2012.jpg

Middle Fork Stroll 2012

Some walks are just needed to drink in the view
Too many items juggled – a soul to renew
Enjoy the time, a different scene from the routine
Patterns to break, discover what exists between
Sameness, silliness, and too much seriousness


Less than five months to prepare for the next climb! How to prepare? A step at a time!

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Monday Morning

Rainbow and Mount Si April 2017.JPG

Rainbow and the Mountain – April 2017

Who can complain about the rain?
When wondrous finds can be gained?
What trouble is it to look to the sky?
Why set your sights low when dreams can soar high!

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Marvelous Monday!

Wisp of a Rainbow

Stop! This Way to the Wisp of a Rainbow!

So you just want to go on home
Oblivious to anything but cars

What if you miss out on something great?
Heavens before the stars?
Around you in the constant gray clouds
Tucked in between is the rainbow!

Double Delight

Double Delight! April 2017

Oh, too true
Of a gorgeous view!

Great in scene
Radiant in color
Every now and then a gift
Anyone might have missed it.
Today’s sad/dull days got a lift!

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Wednesday Waters

Night on the Lake.JPG

Night on the Lake – 2016

Sometimes catching city lights at the cusp of night make for a great end to a great day.

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Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier April 2015

Sometimes, certain points of view
Hinder what is truth; unless
Others know what questions to ask,
Where to look

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